Data management in clinical trials is an area that still requires many improvements. The company I want to introduce to you in the Health Tech of The Week series aims to revolutionize the existing system.

The inspiration for creating eOS came from the personal and professional experiences of the company’s CEO, Andrzej Kurek. Not only has he been associated with the IT industry for over 20 years, working on projects for biotechnological companies such as Mabion S.A, Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A, and Petnovell S.A., but he also spent five years as a caregiver for a person struggling with cancer and participating in clinical trials in Poland and Norway. Consequently, he became intimately familiar with the problems encountered by patients involved in national and international innovative medical projects.

To meet the needs of those involved in clinical trials, he came up with the idea of creating an ecosystem for communication, data management, analytics, and statistics in clinical trials, which primarily would connect the needs of everyone involved in the process, namely patients, study sponsors, CRO companies, and research centers.

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The Technology Behind eOS

What makes eOS stand out? It’s primarily a low-code platform, meaning its structure can be quickly modified, adapting to the changing needs of clinical trials. This flexibility allows the system to be scaled and easily adapted to the organizations using it. eOS’s artificial intelligence automates processes, generates forms, and manages data, reducing repetitive tasks and speeding up operations. This helps to reduce the costs associated with generating paper documentation and accelerates many operational activities in clinical trials. As eOS can be delivered as a Cloud Software solution, researchers and medical staff have access to key information anywhere and anytime. The system supports all elements of a research project. Medical staff gains a single digital environment in which to manage the entire process, while patients are ensured greater personalization of treatment paths, as any deviation in health status is automatically identified and reported to the attending physicians.


Development of eOS

Initial funding for eOS, amounting to 1.5 million złoty from a Venture Capital fund, enabled rapid development. The company enjoys financial stability, and partnerships with leading medical organizations and IT and MedTech companies, such as CliniNote (read the blog post!) and MAIN Data Center, testify to its established position. The company is currently working on a project for the National Institute of Oncology and is in commercial talks with a national CRO organization.

Currently, eOS is in the commercialization phase. Thanks to the system’s „tailor-made” nature, its final structure is adjusted to the individual needs of users. Work is underway on a module using AI technology to increase the efficiency of the clinical trial feasibility analysis process. Clinical trial projects often have an international character, so foreign expansion is a natural direction for further development of the organization. The company is currently developing its position in the domestic market and simultaneously conducting systematic analyses of product demand in foreign markets. In 2023, the company implemented a program of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency aimed at introducing the product to the U.S. market.

Press release

Vision of the Future

The eOS team has a clear vision of the future of medicine – a world where treatment is maximally personalized, and technology serves humanity. By 2040, medicine is expected to be based on integrated management of digital information, data security, and interoperability. Such an approach will allow the creation of an ecosystem for efficient healthcare. As a result, healthcare has the chance to become more effective, and patients can expect care tailored to their individual needs.

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