When selecting noteworthy medical projects, I couldn’t overlook CliniNote. Created in 2020, this startup recently signed a contract with Novartis focusing on using AI to analyze clinical data in oncological hospitals.


What solutions does CliniNote offer?

CliniNote was founded by experienced HealthTech professionals: Professor Jan Poleszczuk, Rafał Szmuca, and Robert Ługowski, who decided to combine their expertise. Their joint project is already changing the approach to medical data development and could significantly impact the quality of treatment offered to patients in the future.

The solution CliniNote offers to hospitals and medical facilities involves using artificial intelligence software to create real-time medical notes and analyze them while the entry is being made. Previously, verifying the entered data was only possible post-factum. Additionally, medical staff had to input the same information multiple times into different systems, such as CRF dedicated systems for clinical trials or real-world evidence studies. The application of artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) aims to expedite this process, primarily supporting doctors and patients. Patients, in particular, benefit from the structured medical notes offered by CliniNote, making it easier to use their own data contained within the notes, for example, in case of needing a second opinion (consultation) or qualifying for a clinical trial.

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What problems does CliniNote software solve?

CliniNote’s advantage lies in not requiring drastic and costly changes associated with an immediate reorganization of the entire data management system. As Robert Ługowski, CEO of CliniNote, puts it, doctors’ time is especially precious, particularly in the case of oncology patients, where efficient data processing can enable faster life-saving actions. CliniNote’s mission is to solve the long-standing dilemma associated with the need to accumulate increasingly larger amounts of data, which over the years has increased the time medical staff spend on paperwork, thereby limiting their time with patients. The startup’s founders also hope that their activity will contribute to solving the growing problem of interoperability, the connection of data from different specialized systems currently present in the healthcare industry.

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How will CliniNote’s business develop in the future?

CliniNote’s goal for 2024 is to introduce the solution in major European markets such as Germany, France, Spain, Italy, as well as a Proof of Concept in the United States. They recently concluded their first round of funding, with one of the investors being the Berlin-based fund Sunfish Partners. They also signed an agreement with Novartis to implement the CliniNote solution at the Provincial Multispecialty Center for Oncology and Traumatology named after M. Kopernik in Łódź, where the solution is used for processing medical data and improving the standards of breast cancer patients according to the requirements of the National Oncology Strategy. In the future, the collaboration between the Oncology Center, Novartis, and CliniNote is expected to expand to other centers within the National Oncology Network. The solution is also utilized by the National Institute of Oncology and several hospitals in Poland. CliniNote is also involved in two pan-European projects, engaging over 20 hospitals from countries such as Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

This Polish solution is also being recognized internationally. At the end of September this year, the Sifted portal highlighted CliniNote among European startups worth observing in the context of combating oncological diseases. The startup is also being observed by global pharmaceutical companies


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