Welcome to my blog! 

My name is Anita and for several years I have been pursuing one of my dreams, which is to run Come Creations Group – a communication hub that deals with brand building and communication of companies from the new technologies industry. 

 It gives me the opportunity to learn through experiencing, to get to know many remarkable people, notably innovators who are changing the current status quo. It is also an opportunity to interact with developing and unique projects, and above all to create my own life in harmony with myself. 

On the blog, I share my experience, knowledge, and observations from working in the communication of new technologies. But that’s not all. I also present what I am passionate about and interested in every day. 

What do I like the most?


Because they inspire and drive to action…
so occasionally you will read here 
My dialogue. 



Because it is a springboard and a source of energy for further action.


Because without it, the world would be gray, gloomy, and flat… 

I will share with you what fascinates me, both business and private. 
I invite you into my world full of femininity, inspiration, motivation, meaning, idea, creativity, spontaneity, and challenges. 



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