In today’s post from the „Health Tech of the Week” series, I present the third edition of the „Mother and Child Startup Challenge” competition, organized by the renowned Institute of Mother and Child. This unique initiative focuses on innovative solutions in healthcare for women and children, offering startups an unparalleled opportunity to spread their wings, test their projects, and gain valuable support.


Mother and Child Startup Challenge – A Challenge for Innovators

On May 14, 2024, the much-anticipated third edition of the „Mother and Child Startup Challenge” was launched. The competition is aimed at ambitious startups and companies that want to bring modern ideas to the medical market, having a real impact on improving the quality of life for patients. This initiative promotes creativity and supports the development of the best projects in the field of women’s and children’s health.


Why Participate?

For young entrepreneurs and medical innovators, this is a unique opportunity to showcase their unique products or processes that can revolutionize the healthcare sector. The third edition of the competition promises a fresh wave of enthusiasm and inspiration, with the chance to present ideas to industry experts. Participants have the opportunity to gain financial support, mentorship, and the potential to develop their business.

Press Release

Categories and Criteria

In the third edition of the „Mother and Child Startup Challenge,” startups and entities bringing innovative solutions to the broad field of healthcare for women and children will be rewarded. Innovations in the areas of diagnostics, prevention, and treatment of women’s diseases and the periods of pregnancy and postpartum, as well as all fields of pediatrics and improvements in hospital administrative and organizational processes, can be submitted.


Benefits for Participants

By participating in the competition, young companies have the chance to present their ideas and products to renowned experts in the fields of medicine and business. This is an excellent opportunity to establish valuable business contacts, gain new knowledge and skills needed to effectively run their startup.


The third edition of the Mother and Child Startup Challenge is aimed at all startups and innovators who want to bring changes to healthcare for women and children. It is an excellent opportunity to present their ideas and gain support.


Inspirations from the Past

In previous editions of the competition, many outstanding projects that significantly impacted the medical sector were highlighted. For example, the winner of the first edition, Infermedica, was recognized in the World’s Best Digital Health Companies 2024 ranking. Solutions like Infermedica’s Symptom Checker increase patient access to reliable medical information, which is crucial for informed health decisions.

The main prizes in the second edition of the Mother and Child Startup Challenge were awarded to Clebre, Calmsie, TruScreen, and Laserobaria2.0_S.

As promised by the Institute of Mother and Child, the organizer of the competition, this edition will be even more inspiring and full of surprises. What gems will be discovered and utilized for the benefit of patients this time? We will find out soon!

Detailed information about the competition rules and the application process can be found on the website:

Press release

How to Apply?

Don’t wait – apply to the competition and shape the future of healthcare for mothers and children. The application form is available at Submissions for this edition are accepted until June 23, 2024.

I invite you to closely follow the „Health Tech of the Week” series, where we will uncover more fascinating stories from the world of medical technologies that are changing the face of healthcare. If you are running an innovative project in the field of new technologies and medicine or want to recommend an interesting solution, write to us at: [email protected].


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