In this pre-holiday period, I would like to draw your attention to a health tech solution aimed at ensuring the safety of the whole family, from the elderly through children to pets.


Compared to many initiatives that emerge in the cycle concerning medical projects, Locon has over 25 years of experience in telemedicine and creating localization devices. Thanks to the IT and technological background, the company has developed an application and a locating device with the highest quality factors. As a result, the LOCON Safe Family service is used by over 1 million users throughout Poland.

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Support for the Elderly

Particularly in the context of the elderly who live alone, far from relatives, it is crucial to provide them with accessible technology that will call for immediate help in case of an accident. Locon’s telecare service includes a measuring device, an application, and the care of the Rescue and Monitoring Center. The person is protected by wearing a bracelet on the wrist. This inconspicuous device has a built-in phone with access to unlimited minutes, a fall sensor, and an SOS button for calling for help. Thanks to the built-in, precise GPS module, it enables 24/7 localization. A monitoring system operating in the background (measuring blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation) will immediately notify the Medical Rescue Center in case of a threat to life or health. The device can also detect a fall, such as due to a heart attack or fainting, and sends the GPS location to the emergency contact specified during the programming stage. In this way, a family member or a nearby neighbor, for example, is immediately notified, and optionally, the Medical Rescue Center can be called.


The on-duty rescuer, after receiving signals from the bracelet and trying to contact the wearer, can decide to send an ambulance immediately to provide assistance. The devices offered by Locon allow for an unlimited number of phone calls through the wristband. Thus, the family and the rescue center can always be in contact with the person in need.

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Health Monitoring

The usual recipients of Locon’s services are seniors who struggle with cardiovascular, pulmonary diseases, or ailments of old age. That is why Locon’s activities focus on helping people with cardiovascular problems (such as hypertension, arrhythmia, heart muscle failure), threatening premature death, which can be avoided with quick medical intervention. However, they are not the only household members who can be cared for. The bracelets can also be used by children, providing contact with the youngest family member without the need for the child to have a smartphone, for example, at school. Thanks to the location feature, the family can see the child’s whereabouts in real-time on their phone. Precise localization is possible thanks to sources such as GPS, GSM, Wi-Fi, and BTS. The location history allows checking where the child has been over time. The children’s watch enables quick making and receiving calls, only from the closest people, and also allows for high-quality video calls. The device allows setting safety zones (home, school) and sends notifications when the child leaves or returns to a given place. Locators can also help ensure the safety of household pets.


The topic of new technologies will surely be discussed at many holiday tables. Therefore, it is worth considering the benefits and advantages that they bring and what we can gain by using them responsibly.


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