This week, I highlighted a project aimed at supporting companies in the field of clinical research by providing them with modern software for information management.

As stated by the project’s co-founder, Sabina Żołędowska, the idea to create the finECRF eCRF system stemmed from a real market need. Sabina is the owner of Science Implementation, a company specializing in clinical trials, where she repeatedly encountered challenges related to scaling the business and a lack of efficient tools to support information management in research. Existing solutions on the market were costly and complex to implement. Through collaboration with Łukasz Szemiako from Rewinit, a company with extensive experience in IT and solutions meeting medical standards, finECRF was developed.

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A breath of fresh air in the industry

FinECRF stands out among other solutions, both those offered by IT corporations and startups. Large companies are often limited by a lack of flexibility in purchasing and a lengthy implementation process. On the other hand, open-source solutions created by startups may not comply with local requirements, corporate policies (which are still wary of such initiatives), and can be costly to implement, often requiring the reorganization of multiple existing operational systems within a company. As a closed system, FinECRF provides users with the flexibility to tailor functionality to their individual needs. One of the advantages that Ms. Sabina particularly emphasized in creating the solution is ensuring a snowball effect in terms of process automation. As the solution is used, it becomes possible to create increasingly new paths, shortcuts, and facilitations that streamline the processing of information obtained from clinical trials.

Press release

Next steps

FinECRF is currently in the pilot phase. The plan is to reach the fifth level of technological readiness and commence expansion into the commercial market in the form of a subscription model. The system has been developed in both Polish and English to facilitate implementation in European Union countries. However, a challenge lies in adapting the solution to local regulations of member states. I will be keenly observing the further stages of development of this solution, which has touched upon the complex yet improvement-worthy field of clinical research.


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