When I first attended the InternetBeta conference nine years ago, I didn’t expect how much it would change my life. That’s how I got into the new technology industry, which absorbed me completely.

I didn’t use to imagine myself in the world of IT. If someone had asked me a few years ago if I wanted to work in innovation, I would have said, “Me? Never in my life!” By education, I am a Doctor of Social Science. I graduated in political science and English philology, and it has nothing to do with what I have been doing since 2009.

Some Things You Just Have to Nature For

Time has some very useful advantages. First of all, it heals wounds, but also with its course, our priorities and interests may change. That’s how it was for me. Along with its passage, a huge passion for technology was born in me, and a hunger for knowledge awakened in my life.

I spent every spare moment acquiring substantive knowledge, getting to know experts in the industry, and getting the best from them, loads of experiences, and even more useful information. I learned from scratch how it all works; I wanted to be proficient in all concepts and mechanisms related to IT. What did that do for me? Today I run a public relations agency specializing in new technologies.

My Dream Job? Communication and Working With People

One thing’s for sure! Since I was a kid, I knew I’d be working in communications. However, I had no idea in which direction life would take me or exactly what I would do. If someone asked me the same question today as a few years ago, if I imagine working in innovation—I would answer without hesitation, “What kind of question is that? Of course.” As of today, I am very satisfied with what we do in the company, who we work for, and what the plan for our business in the coming months looks like.

Dlaczego pracuje w branży nowych technologii1

What makes me love this environment? Why did I decide to take such a direction in my professional life?

  • Technology changes the world before our eyes

Watching changes that directly affect society is really amazing! How technology affects our daily behavior, e.g., in the field of media consumption, is only a substitute for what is meant by “innovation.” It also has a big impact on people who have not yet had the opportunity to pass on their skills to the world, and now thanks to technology they have a real opportunity to exist and show their talents to a huge audience. Technology improves our lives, speeds up communication, and makes us feel like the inhabitants of a global village.

  • It creates awareness of potential solutions for our customers

Most customers introduce completely new products to the market, and this is associated with great trust. At the same time, it also gives us a chance to create how we talk about a given solution. Awareness of influencing such an important area as presenting an idea, subjecting it to wider public opinion is an honor that entails responsibility.

The ability to create, to play a kind of artist showing the potential of technology, is really fun and one of my favorite aspects of our work.

  • Openness to the world

I do not know another social group that so eagerly and regularly takes care of relations and meets at events related to the new technologies industry. Some might say that instead of working, we’re just partying. I believe if there is demand, there is supply, and in the end, the results will verify us.

At the same time, this environment must be open to new solutions. Otherwise, created products would not be able to break through in such a competitive world. This, in turn, is associated with a favorable attitude towards ideas and initiatives on our part. Nothing but invention, implementation, and testing will tell whether this is not the most effective way to educate our client.

  • Diversity

If someone asked me what technologies we currently communicate about, I would list solutions using artificial intelligence, machine learning, low latency, digital transformation, IoT, or martech. I have to talk about each of these things in an understandable way so that a completely inexperienced person can understand what it is about.

I, a person with education in human behavior, explain almost every day to journalists or interested people what state-of-the-art technologies are, how they work, and how they can help you grow your business.

If I’d made a bet with someone in high school that I’d be doing stuff like that, I never would have believed it! And I’m glad I had such a small imagination. 😉

  • Avant-garde

Avant-garde is something that particularly drives me. In addition to creating, I love to have priority in communicating new things. Of course, imitators have it easier, but for me, creating innovative things is the greatest professional fulfillment. And when the customers make money off it and come back for more, I feel like I’m on the right track.

However, there is also the other side of the coin.


  • You need to learn new technologies constantly


Just as I argue that diversity is an advantage, it can also be a solid challenge. Sometimes I joke that my brain will no longer accept knowledge and technical solutions. I have permanently logged into foreign portals with technological news; I follow select IT bloggers that have their ears to the ground. I read how someone presents a solution, and I pay attention to what words they use and in what context they present what they are working on.

Technology is permanent learning. Fortunately, it’s extremely interesting.

  • Communication of new products takes a lot of time

Rome was not built in a day, and 22.5 million Poles did not use Facebook right away. Everything takes time. You need to test whether the way you present to your customers is understandable and whether it encourages others to use your services. Depending on the degree of acceptance, readability, and clarity of your story about the next product, it takes more work for me to determine the best possible way of communication.

  • You never know if it’s a bubble

We can check people who come to us with an idea who are looking for support in PR, asking about the process of advancing product development and the number of customers. We never know whether the company we work for will really succeed or not. It could be six months later that the system does not work, new errors are constantly appearing, and instead of a great campaign, we have continuous crisis management, which will later end in the failure of each of the parties.

We have never had such a client before, but you never know. This is a real challenge because by cooperating with journalists, public opinion, and encouraging the use of our partner’s services, we are issuing him a quality certificate to some extent.

If I had the opportunity to choose the environment in which I work, modern technology is definitely something that reflects my dreams and goals. We always look for such people to join our team. People who have similar motivations and priorities and are not afraid of technology, but even want to be a part of its development.

If you are reading this text and would like to try your hand at our place, write to me 😊 [email protected]


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