Innovative medical startups from Poland and beyond deserve to be showcased to the world. I’m starting a new initiative – Health Tech Startup of the Week, which will acquaint you with the most interesting projects.


Technology for health: innovative projects that change lives

Technological novelties, applications, and IT projects are meant to make our lives easier. Sometimes it’s about saving time, securing data, accessing education, or introducing a new quality of entertainment. While all these areas are important to us, we couldn’t fully enjoy them if we lacked… health. When medicine merges with new technologies, we get projects that truly change users’ lives. These can encompass various categories: from complex medical devices like micro-endoscopic cameras, sensors detecting changes in heart rhythm, or monitoring sleep quality to mobile applications and platforms aimed at improving well-being, tranquility, and relaxation.

Health Tech

Health Tech Startup of the Week

To appreciate the most innovative companies and medical projects, I have launched a new initiative aimed at promoting technological solutions working for health.

Health Tech Startup of the Week is a new series of publications on the blog and my LinkedIn profile in which I’ll present and introduce one of the most intriguing startups or medical projects every week. Polish and international companies whose actions significantly impact users’ quality of life for whom they were created are invited to showcase themselves to a wider audience.

At the beginning of December, we will publish a case study concerning the first startup!

Health Tech

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