Recently, I put a lot of effort into creating the Strong Women in IT 2023 – global edition report, which premiered in September. Today I would like to share with you some insights related to this year’s recruitment and the creation of this unique study.

The 2023 edition is the 3rd report in the „Strong Women in IT” series (5 counting all reports thematically within the initiative). Its aim is to present enterprising women leaders who inspire other women to achieve their professional goals. We are committed to developing a community of inspiring women from the IT world and initiating global communication that supports women in their further development.

This year, our report focuses on several key areas:

  • Professional and personal experiences of female leaders
  • Challenges faced by female leaders in the current market situation
  • Technology overload – do women in IT experience 'technology fatigue’?
  • Top trends in the IT industry

What are the stages of creating a report?

1. Substantive preparation, development of questions and concepts
2. Development of a recruitment communication strategy
3. Establishing the terms of partnerships
4. Technical issues – survey design and system implementation
5. Report recruitment and promotion
6. Constant contact with candidates
7. Collecting materials and confirming the candidates’ answers
8. Preparation of statistical data for the report
9. Designing the report
10. Preparing communication for the launch of the report
11. Organization of the premiere event and the start of recruitment
12. PR activities

The results of the Strong Women in IT 2023 report

The results of the Strong Women in IT

Work on the report lasted 7 months! The result of these activities was the creation of the Strong Women in IT 2023 – global edition report. The study comprises a statistical section developed based on over 12,750 responses submitted by women in their surveys, expert comments from the report’s jury members, and 251 pages dedicated to distinguished female leaders, where you will find answers to 4 selected questions.

What distinguishes this report from other studies is an individual approach and a thorough analysis of answers to closed and open questions, as well as in-depth interviews with respondents, which allow not only to obtain quantitative data but also to take a closer look at the women and learn about their professional path.

What we are very pleased with is the large increase in interest among women leaders and their willingness to join our community.

Let’s summarize this year’s recruitment:


  • 372 nominations – over 70% growth of nominations edition to edition.
  • 251 qualified candidates – over 25% growth of distinguished women edition to edition.
  • 568 female leaders in the global SW in IT community.


Strategic Partners

This year, for the first time, the creation of the report was supported by involved strategic partners: Billennium, BNP Paribas and UiPath.

The report was also supported by many organizations with a mission close to ours: CIC Warsaw, Dare IT, Digital University, European Network for Women in Leadership (WIL Europe), Geeks Like Us+ Foundation, No Fluff Jobs, Fundacja Mamo Pracuj, OMGKRK, – bank women’s talents, WomenTech Network, Venture Café Warsaw Foundation.

The support of partners is important because you can use their substantive experience, their recommendation strengthens the communication message and allows you to reach members of their community.


You already know the background of the uprising, so I encourage you to download the Strong Women in IT 2023 – global edition report.You will find it on our website.


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