In today’s installment of the Health Tech of The Week series, we present Feyenally, which is on a mission to deliver innovative solutions in ophthalmic care, improving the quality of life for patients and facilitating the work of professionals.


The main inspiration for creating the Feyenally startup and its application enabling self-check of vision defects – eyeTEST, was the challenge associated with the lack of ophthalmic care worldwide, especially in regions with limited access to specialists. The deficit of optometrists, i.e., individuals capable of selecting the right glasses, is huge globally. The founders of Feyenally openly say that this gap cannot be filled without the help of technology. Their project is a tool that will allow patients to examine their vision at home, eliminating the time and distance barrier between them and a specialist.

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Objective Vision Examination

The eyeTEST application allows patients to examine their eyes at home using only their smartphone. The examination is carried out without using the patient’s subjective assessment, which usually forms the basis of the vision defect diagnosis. During a basic examination, patients are often asked to provide feedback to the doctor, which can lead to errors due to subjective assessment. This can also be influenced by the time of day and environment – whether our eyes are rested or tired, whether the air is dry, etc. Utilizing objective research methods offered by eyeTEST is a step forward in improving the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment. As a result, users receive accurate and repeatable examination results, which are crucial for accurate diagnosis and treatment. The eyeTEST app does not replace an ophthalmic visit but can replace a simple visit to an optometrist. Thanks to it, patients can regularly monitor their vision health and quickly respond to changes.


Support Around the World

Having accurate and quick diagnostic tools, such as eyeTEST, is extremely important for the global population with limited access to ophthalmic care. It offers a chance for early detection of vision problems and quick referral of patients for treatment, which can reduce complications and improve the quality of life. For people in some developing countries, this may be the only chance to check their vision.

Press release

Development Plans

As Mateusz Toporowicz and Piotr Kruszyński, founders of Feyenally, say, the best time to introduce such technology was yesterday, and the second-best time is today. The current moment is perfect for developing and introducing innovative solutions in ophthalmic care due to the dynamic development of technology, increasing demand for remote healthcare, and growing social awareness about the importance of prevention and health monitoring.

The company focuses on continuous improvement of algorithms and integration of new technologies to provide users with even better results and experience. Moreover, data is constantly being collected from a broader group of patients. In the coming months, Feyenally will focus on further refining the eyeTEST app and conducting pilot implementations. Work is also underway on certifying this solution as a medical device.

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