Whether you realize it or not, it’s who you work for and how you work that matters. Every customer is your showcase!

Depending on the role you play in your company, you can have more or less influence on the selection of customers.

Sometimes you have no choice but to work for the company. As an employee that is what your employer expects you to do. In this situation, you have only one option—to gather up all your creative energy and get to work. The final results, further customer recommendations, or involvement in subsequent projects will be based on how well you execute that energy.

The features that I value most in my work are effectiveness, compliance with implementation, and successful cooperation. These are the values that guide our company and I constantly emphasize them to team members. The environment is small and word-of-mouth marketing makes words spread faster than we think. Below are some more reasons why it is worth treating the companies we work with as our best business card.

  • The cheapest form of advertising

In Come Creations Group, recommendations are practically 99 percent of the acquired customers. Existing business partners are often asked by others who support them in the field of Public Relations and so they come to us. On the one hand, it is the greatest form of appreciation, but at the same time a huge responsibility. Now that we’ve been recommended, there’s no room for laziness or resting on our laurels here.

Looking for more jobs? Let your achievements speak for you.

Try to explain the bigger picture. Ask for references and let others you want to work with know about your business.

Or maybe you could ask current customers to recommend you or your company when they hear that someone needs help in your specialty? I always ask for recommendations and no one has ever resented me for it. It has been quite the opposite.

  • A source of pride and satisfaction

Awareness that others have heard of our work builds company pride. Knowing that others recognize our efforts to produce high-quality products every day, gives us additional motivation to act. It’s always nice when someone comes up to you and says they’ve heard of X’s client, but they didn’t know it was the result of our work.

  • Recruitment support

Successes act as a magnet, attracting others, not just customers. Often, the result of our work is subsequent applications of people interested in working on our team. When recruiting employees, candidates often mention that they have visited our social media, know our case study, and know the clients we work with. They tell us that their goal is to work and grow with us. In a situation where there are few qualified employees on the market, this is a real reward for us. And of course, this is another chance for further expansion.

Quality is paramount and in a world where competition is high, only high-end professionalism will do. Being effective is not just about being confident of the company’s fate, but it also ensures that you get to choose the companies you work with and at what rate.

What more could you ask for!

And here are some of our case studies.


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