Since the beginning of my professional life, I have been struggling with a constant lack of time. I’m so curious about so many things, and I would try so much that I was constantly running. A few years ago, it seemed to me that I couldn’t take on more responsibilities while still training and finding time for my private life, let alone taking on the next challenge, which is promoting my image. Impossible!

Several years have passed, and I have found time not only for all the above activities and development programs but also for vacations. How? You’re about to find out.

Awareness and the ability to manage one’s time did not come suddenly. I have read a lot about this topic and tested the most interesting solutions on myself. I held off on promoting my personal brand for a long time. My friends persuaded me for a few months—well, maybe a few years—to finally start sharing my knowledge. I finally overcame myself and took action.

To be honest, I think it’s only now that my friends know what I do and are starting to understand my work 😉 Do you know what that feels like?

I introduced the methods and systems that I adopted to manage myself while developing my personal brand strategy. First of all, I had to get rid of the feeling that what I knew was so obvious. As it turns out, it isn’t obvious to everyone. Each of us is an expert in something. By engaging strongly in your work, you sometimes lose sight of your own knowledge. I wrote more about this in the text The Curse of Knowledge in Practice.

Working in a given industry for several years, you have the impression that the environment changes with you, and everyone can differentiate between VR and AR and is familiar with the subject of innovation and robotics. But if you think about it… well. They’re not.

But first things first. How do I start taking care of my personal brand and automating this process?

Stwórz swoją markę osobistą! Ale jak znaleźć na to czas

#1 Social Media, long live!

When you think about Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, do you have trouble reconciling them all? Do you know how to organize the whole process, when to publish, and what content to choose? Do you have very little time during the day? Select ONE channel that is closest to you at the beginning. Remember that it is better to give 100% to one thing than to give three things just “a lick and a promise.”

Choose LinkedIn. Of all the platforms, it is most suited to business. It operates globally and is used today by 810 million users in 200 countries. Do you want to introduce people from the industry to what you are best at, what is happening in your company, and what you are looking for? Sit down for a few minutes and plan how you want others to see you. Take an hour to prepare your posts for the whole month! If you have not been active before, assume that the post will appear once a week. It may be about your meetings, work, and company news. These are only four posts to be scheduled! Currently, LinkedIn prefers there to be more, but at first, it is better to publish fewer posts rather than have nothing.

Be active!

Open your own social media channel during your morning coffee. Choose profiles, add friends you are interested in, observe channels that are similar to your subject, and comment, recommend, and share. Spend a few minutes a day on it. Be systematic, and it will bring you closer to your intended goal.

#2 Focus on one thing

But how do you do that when you have dozens of outstanding assignments on your list? I’ve been asking myself the same thing. Eventually, I decided to cut all distractions, close my mailbox, and mute the phone. I only deal with the matter at hand. As a result, I noticed a significant difference in efficiency. Now I can do something in a much shorter time when it used to take all day because other things constantly distracted me. Sometimes it only takes a few minutes.

#3 A few minutes a day

As I wrote earlier, you don’t have to spend three hours a day running the accounts, because you know you won’t find the time to do that. Make a goal – “every day, at 8:00, I will review the feed and respond to comments. I have 20 minutes for that.” Do it and make it a habit. It’s normal that no matter how much time we plan for a given task (or meeting), it will take us all this planned time.

#4 Feel good

I will now focus on brand promotion. Often our clients think they have to pretend to be someone, step out of the back room, play star, and be perfect in every way. But what is the most important thing? To be yourself, to be honest in your communication. People will sense and appreciate it very quickly.

Are you still unsure of how to turn plans into reality – how to start, what to do, how to organize them? Write to me, I will be happy to help 😉

In the following sections, I will discuss the topic of creating expert articles, media, and image promotion from a different angle.


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