A Few Words About Openness to the World

A Few Words About Openness to the World

Some time ago I wouldn’t have been able to write what you’re about to read. I think everything changes with age. We grow up, we distance ourselves from what’s going on in the world. I’ve learned to take whatever happens to me, and most of all, to enjoy it. I think it’s the famous openness.

At the beginning of December, I joined a weekend trip with a very nice group of friends from Wroclaw. It’s so encouraging to watch people so well coordinated, who share a passion for an active lifestyle and a desire to spend time together. With 55 people we went to Zieleniec to snowboard.

Kilka słów o otwartości na świat

I was in the learning group. I had a chance to try my hand on one board, and I didn’t really know if I would like it or not. Luckily, I came back delighted! Big congratulations to Kamil Paśko, for how he runs such trips and teaches us how to ride down the slopes!

The trip started on Friday evening and lasted until Sunday. It was an active weekend, during which we were supposed to know how to slide, turn, and generally do well. Friday and Saturday went by very quickly. On Sunday between 10:00 a.m and 12:00 p.m., we had time to practice everything we had learned on previous days. After 1:00 p.m., Kamil was supposed to check how we were doing and correct any errors.

And this is where it got hard for me because it turned out that turning from the back to the front side was not my best skill. Every now and then I fell and, although I tried very hard to do everything according to Kamil’s instructions, I was not good at it, and I landed on the ground.

Kilka słów o otwartości na świat

And then, while I was sitting in the snow angry at myself and for not doing well, a colorfully dressed man came up to me. Green-blue outfit and a green-blue helmet with horns made it impossible not to smile. He said he was here alone and would be happy to help me learn how to snowboard.

At first, I didn’t know whether to say yes, but I said, “Why not?” I’ll try!

He started explaining things to me all over again, but when I said I wanted to focus on turning, he said no problem. And yes, we slid down the slope together probably twice. I followed in his footsteps, listened to all comments, and corrected technical errors on an ongoing basis. The result? I can finally do it! Although, I will probably fall again and spend many hours on the slope.

What is most important to me at the moment is that Damian or Dariusz (unfortunately I do not remember the name now) made me realize that it is worth accepting what happens in our lives. Before I’d probably have said, “Get lost—I can do it myself!” And I would get tired and frustrated, with no good effect.

My ski teacher showed me that there are a lot of people around who will be happy to help us. All you have to do is open up and enjoy it because we had a lot of laughter when we slid down together and finally the satisfaction that learning brought results. Often, we probably do not notice these helpful hands or good advice that could make our lives easier. We are so busy pursuing goals and decisions for our New Year’s resolutions that only after some time (if at all) do we notice how many opportunities we had; good spirits, wonderful teachers on our way.

Especially if you run a business, you may have the impression that you are alone in all of this. I have experienced such situations more than once when I received a helping hand from others. I haven’t always been able to take them. Now I’m excited for everyone and I’m trying to be that person myself.

And with Kamil and his group, I hope I will go on a trip again. 🙂


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