In the latest publication from the „Health Tech of the Week” series, we present upmedic, a company founded in 2021 to streamline the process of creating and analyzing medical documentation.


Collecting and analyzing patient data is an essential element of well-tailored and effective healthcare. Unfortunately, the so-called „paperwork” that doctors, as well as the entire staff employed in clinics or clinics, have to perform, reduces the time specialists can dedicate to patients. This inspired the creators of upmedic to find a solution that will improve the quality and efficiency of healthcare by reducing the administrative burden on medical staff.

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Solution for Medical Facilities

The main clients of the startup are hospitals, clinics, medical practices, and laboratories that perform diagnostic tests and need to create and analyze medical documentation. One of the partners using upmedic’s services is PZU Zdrowie. The solution was also recognized as the best data management solution by Roche Healthcare Lab, which resulted in cooperation between the companies.

Innovations that medical facilities can benefit from include: automatic analysis of historical, unstructured clinical information in data stores, an intelligent text editor that allows for creating and analyzing structured reports, and a speech recognition tool powered by artificial intelligence. This feature, in particular, allowing the creation of a clear and convenient report without using hands, is of special importance for practitioners. Thanks to this, the note can be created automatically, during the examination and conversation with the patient.


Features That Make a Difference

What particularly distinguishes the upmedic solution from other available solutions, as the creators themselves say, is the documentation based on structured templates and checklists, making all the notes consistent and clear, regardless of who works on them. Providing over 100 templates created by experts allows customizing the note to the requirements of a specific specialist, and the possibility of creating your own patterns works well in unique situations. Another advantage is the time savings thanks to features such as: autocomplete, voice commands, highlighting, or coloring parts of the report of particular diagnostic value.

For streamlining the treatment process and faster diagnostic pathways, the most significant is the ability to search and identify groups of patients, thanks to structured reports that allow efficient filtering and finding specific data, e.g., candidates for clinical trials, patients qualifying for prophylactic programs, patients with oncological changes, etc.

Press release

International Development

Upmedic’s services are now available not only in Polish but also in English and German. Plans include adding more languages, thus increasing the possibilities for implementing the system in other countries. upmedic’s ambition is to become a global leader in the field of intelligent software for creating and analyzing medical documentation, as well as supporting medical facilities worldwide in providing efficient healthcare.



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