In today’s text, I introduce GeneMe Labs, a company that opens the door for us to understand how unique our genetic code is and how the information encoded in it affects our lives.


The innovation in GeneMe Laboratories’ approach is that, unlike traditional labs, the tests they conduct do not require sequencing of the entire genome but answer very specific queries instead. This can relate to genetic predispositions associated with folate metabolism – which is very important for pregnant women, predispositions to genetic diseases, or even tendencies towards addictions, which can also be hereditary.

Thanks to non-invasive saliva testing, we can learn many key pieces of information about our health. We are used to thinking that we inherit the color of our hair, eyes, or body shape. These similarities are often visible to the naked eye and do not require specialized tests. It is different when it comes to inheriting talents such as musical hearing, predispositions to intolerance of nutritional components, resistance or lack thereof, or even the mentioned propensity to addictions. This is knowledge that can radically change the approach to one’s own health and lifestyle.

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Can Talent Be „Measured”?

Research into talents, such as musical or mathematical abilities, shows that genes can influence our predispositions in these areas. GeneMe Laboratories, based on the scientific knowledge of genetics specialists, has identified genes that, in long-term population studies, have shown significant statistical differences in the talented population compared to the reference population. These differences have been described by scientists, and today we know that people with the right gene variants simply have a „better start” in these areas. This does not mean that a person with a different genetic mosaic cannot also be outstanding. It is important to remember that apart from talent, consistency and determination, and a supportive environment for development are also important.


Knowledge of Genetic Risks

Knowing your genetic predispositions is just one element of a holistic approach to taking care of your health. However, it is worth remembering that the external environment, especially long-term stress, can lead to many health problems, such as heart disease, mental disorders, or immune system issues. Knowledge about genetic risks, especially regarding predispositions to specific diseases, can provide valuable information that helps in making more informed decisions about health and lifestyle. This complements prevention and leading a healthy lifestyle. It also affects early diagnosis and health monitoring because knowing your genetic predispositions can make you more inclined to regular screenings or diagnostic tests, allowing early detection of potential health problems. Early intervention can be crucial in the treatment and management of diseases.

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Who Are Genetic Tests For?

GeneMe Labs targets a wide range of consumers – from those who care about their health and want to tailor their diet and workouts to their genotype, to those with a family history of civilization diseases or cancer. I asked Sabina Żołędowska, the President of the Board at GeneMe Laboratories, for her recommendations on tests that everyone should take:

  • I would focus on a group of civilization diseases, vitamin metabolism, and predispositions to cancer. These tests can include an analysis of genes related to predispositions to heart disease, diabetes, or tendencies toward obesity. This is a general look at health that can provide information on potential health risks. As for vitamins, I would point out folate, as the test can provide information on which form of this vitamin is best absorbed, as well as the metabolism of vitamin D, which is so important for our well-being and health.


Development Plans

Currently, GeneMe Laboratories is valued at about 20 million złoty. Plans for the coming months include opening more genetic diagnostics and sexually transmitted disease clinics. I will be interested in following the development of this company, also in the context of planned foreign expansion, including into the UK market.

Genetics is one of the tools that can help us lead a healthy and long life if we are not afraid of it and sensibly use the possibilities it offers. I invite you to continue following „Health Tech of The Week,” where we will explore innovations and solutions that are constantly transforming the world of medicine and healthcare, creating new treatment possibilities and improving the quality of life for patients worldwide.

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